Beauty & Baggage

Friday, 27 February 2015

The Best Minimal Stationery

It's no surprise that I love stationery. There is no better feeling that a fresh clean planner, the first page of a new notebook, an uncapped pen - just waiting to be used. New stationery makes me think of the beginning of term and new beginnings. I don't like my stationery too cute or frilly though - which is why I've rounded up eight of my favourite minimal stationery picks

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Beginning to Budget: Making A Plan

Budgeting isn't the sexiest of topics, is it? It's probably the most sensible thing you can do in the world, though, even when sometimes just the thought of having to sit down and work through your finances can fill you with dread.

I used to feel that way too - constantly skint, too fearful to check my bank balance, scraping together loose change to buy a catering size pack of pasta to last me the week. I'm not saying that things are easy now, that we magically have enough money, or that money worries don't still trouble me. I'm saying the having a budget relieves stress rather than creating it. And if the thought of taking control of your finances scares you, do it a little at a time. Start here and now. Every step counts.

Monday, 23 February 2015

4 Podcasts For Your Commute

As much as I love a good Spotify playlist on my trip to work, I've lately really enjoyed listening to podcast - on my way to work, in my lunch break, any free minute. Some of them are incredibly addictive, as you'll probably know if you saw anything about the Serial obsession everyone had recently. I've gathered four of the best podcasts here - download and get listening!